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Welcome to Bethel Christian Academy!

The staff of Bethel Christian Academy realizes the privilege, the honor and the tremendous responsibility that has been afforded us to appropriately educate and serve the children of our Greater Cincinnati area.

The primary goal of the Academy is to provide a safe, healthy, highly stimulating academic environment for our children while in our care. In order to reach this goal, our specific objectives are as follows:
  • To create an educationally stimulating environment that will meet the academic, spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of all children.
  • To provide a daily learning experience that is directly aligned with the Ohio State Department of Education's Learning Standards for children in Pre-school through Kindergarten.
  • To institute foundational tools for the proper development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that foster appropriate relationships with peers and others.
  • To install principles of Christian conduct and behavior in the social, educational environment.
  • To provide authentic, real life learning experiences that are creatively designed to meet all the learning needs of our diverse learners.
We therefore commit to strive daily to earn and become worthy of that trust; and we commit to extensive preparation and devotion to make certain we are spiritually and academically prepared to meet the challenges of our youth.

If you would like more information about our school please contact the Director, Pastor Sheila L. Benton at 513-924-9777.

You can also visit us online at: Checkout our site to learn about upcoming events.

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